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This is a project I have been meaning to write and share about. I was brought on board to take photographs for the materials they were producing to help support refugees. What I love the most, is this project was birthed out of relationship and friendship. Four individuals (who happen to be dear friends) began by being friends and "doing life" with a group of Karen refugees and seeing their needs. I know these friendships have changed the changed the hearts of my four friends. When they discovered the "Ideas that Matter" Grant, they got busy. They researched and researched, brainstormed and decided to go for it. And they got it!! They received the grant in June, and WORKED HARD! We as their friends complained of the long hours, but tried to encourage them onward. So many individuals were involved, recruited and happily donated to the cause.

The project is a grant funded initiative that combines well-designed and relative informational and educational printed materials to the Burmease (Karen) refugees of the United States with the hope of expanding the project to other translations and refugees. There were 3 separate pieces produced. The ring cards are a set of ringbound reference cards that communicate every day information that are portable and easy to carry with you. An example, on one page there is an explanation of common fruits and vegetables and the ring cards are made to be small enough to fit in a purse! The book is a 94 page bilingual book, with many pictures and detailed information. The ring cards are like an abbreviated version of this thorough book. Ah Mu Weaves a Story is a wonderfully illustrated narrative for both children and adults that walks through a young family's acclimation to life in the United States. Check out www.chicagowelcomesyou.org to see how you can get involved and where these materials will be sold. This site will also be updated as more translations are produced!

May I introduce you to these awesome awesome people?! Meet Aaron (top left), Joyce (top right), Jenn (bottom left) and Rick (bottom right). They are dear friends and should be congratulated for all their hard work and to impacting people's everyday lives.

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this is much more them!!!!!!

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