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Here is my Mom and Dad. I love these pics of them, her beauty matched with his strength and obvious love the two of them share.

My Mom is incredible, she just is. She loves deeply, helps practically, encourages, prays, chats about clothes, loves trees, makes great food, invites everyone in, goes for walks everyday, sacrifices, keeps track of Dad's glasses, teaches, helps, walks with women......and oh how she Mothers. It could be in fact her greatest gift. I swear, people know when my Mom is around. They come flocking for the love and care of a Mother. Those of you who know her, you know what I mean, and perhaps she is a Mother to you as well. I sure hope so. She is incredible and oh so beautiful in so many ways, so many OBVIOUS ways. I can't think of a way my Mom could be better. And it gives me so much delight to be her only daughter. I'm happy to share her, because I know I hold a different kind of place with her.

So Mom, Happy Mothers Day! Wish I was there to hug you in person and to look you in the eye and say, YOU ARE A CRAZY WONDERFUL MOM!! I know Dad agrees. In fact, when I talked to Dad this past week, he was gushing of Mom, of her strength and beauty that allows her to love and help so deeply.

So soak it up Mom , Happy Mothers Day!