My Dad. He's one of my favorites, and I know he is probably my biggest fan. It is hard to replace, or find, or describe my Dad's love. Its this never ending jar of ridiculous love in all kinds of forms.... He does lots of tangible "Dad" things (like coming next week to help paint our new studio) and things that grow a young girls heart and refresh a woman's becoming. I can hear his voice , " Come just sit by me, I don't have anything to say, just want you here". That, that's my Dad. HIs love is one I know I don't have to earn, don't have to wonder about, don't have to dwell anytime thinking about how he feels towards me. I know. He has made it very very clear how he feels towards me for many many years. Since the day I had chosen to marry Eric. Eric has been his son. He has welcomed him in and doesn't like calling him son-in-law, but insists on just the son part.... Here is Dad and I on my wedding day....(my brother is quite a talented photographer himself, and this was one he took that day)

Wedding Day

We also share lots of things in common. I'm pretty sure me following him around on walks and in the woods as a kid, is what gives me my great love for nature. He's into bugs, and creatures and knows the names of them all. Eric once made the mistake of going on a hike with me and Dad in the Colorado mountains. I was looking at all the trees, shrubs, flowers... Dad was over by the stream pointing at all the different fish, bugs and critters. Poor Eric was wondering why we were off the trail and taking so long! These are pics from that day.

the 3 of us

Last and not least, here is an adorable pic of Mom and Dad. I am richly blessed... Mom and Dad