So sorry, really my last post was June 22nd? Ok. I've moved a zillion times , but this move has done me in. I'm not sure what day it is, time, where I'm at, and the thoughts in my mind go round and round till I can't deal any more!!!!! I am tempted to give you a sneak peak of how the new studio is coming along (besides slower than anticipated), but you'll have to wait.

As you all know I am a plant freak, lover, friend, tree hugger whatever you would like to call me AND I have this annoyingly large plant that Eric has continually moved over and over for me. The move up here to Chicago it was only about 3 ft or so, well now it is approaching 7ft! Check out what my incredibly crafty genius husband made for me!!! I know you are all jealous of 1. his amazing man skills and 2. the amazing happy ginormous plant. Yup, that's how much my man loves me. (btw he HATES this plant)

Yay. Plant made it safe and sound.

Picture is courtesy of iphone

happy plant