So this afternoon as I tromped down my 3 flights of stairs, there sitting on stair #3 was a package and it was addressed to me! Heather, a wonderful friend of mine had been asking and asking if I had gotten my birthday present from her. Now you gotta understand how much I love getting things in the mail, so every day I have been waiting and waiting ...... today it came. As I began to open the package I realized what it was. I sat in the middle of the studio floor with newspaper and tape flying. For all you who read my blog consistently (10,000 brownie points to you ), remember that post about the terrarium I found on etsy that I thought looked like what my house in heaven will be like? If you don't, click here for the back story. She bought it and sent me heaven for my birthday!!!! Isn't that a crazy wonderful friend? My house in heaven.

Sorry but I can't help any excuse to put ridiculously cute photos of Nelson up .  And don't lie, you like it.

Ok, so I have to show off one other beautiful birthday gift. My friends were strangely on the same path of thought. Eric headed up a "expensive modern terrarium" fund and all my good friends pitched in. Check it out. This one I get to go hunt for all the right miniature ferns and gaze at different colors of wonderful ferns and build myself. I'm pretty excited. Eric always finds ways to take care of the deep places in me that I feel self concious about... like the fact that I love green and need it in my life. He said, " this is so you can have a little more green in your life here in the city, i know its hard for you". I tear up. He knows the things about me I don't even know. Sigh. I'm smitten. Thanks also to my pals, Jenn, Jackie, Aaron and Jill for making the terrarium a reality. I am indeed a richly blessed woman. Yay! Go Moss!

Modern terrarium

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