Eric and I have now been married 4 years!! Let me give you my old married lady advice, I just have one word of wisdom ..... IT IS WORTH IT! We live a life that is open and honest so many of you know we have had our share of tests. Being married is truly one of the only things I can think of in this world that is worth the work. I am more in love with Eric than ever before and if you ever talk to one of us about it..... we try to forget year one . We talk often of what we will be like when we are old and wrinkly.... i can't wait.....

Things I love about husband extrodinairre.....

1. his curly hair in the morning

2. his unrelenting ever thinking spinning innovative mind

3. when he buys me $1 plants just cause.

4. his guacamole

5. ridiculous helpfulness

6. when he lets me dance on his toes

IMG_17327. "the girl" by City and Colour

8. when he says i make his heart sing.

9. robot eric.

10. that he loves me .

PS THESE ARE FILM!! HOORAY FOR FILM!! AND all by Heather Carson of Carson Studios.

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