This past Friday, we had a ridiculously good time in the studio. It was early morning with lots of coffee, hairspray clouds and some beats to keep us all going. I met four beautiful real life women all showcasing Edward's hair styles and Ruth's magic with makeup. For all those interested in trying out Edward , you can reach him through his website at or His connection to me you may ask? He does my hair carefully and to the detail and is not afraid to really make me stand out, Ruth Armstrong is obviously super talented as well! You can get in touch with her for all your make up needs, or at 773-459-2361. If you are wondering about the beautiful vibrant chainmaille, they were created by Sky. She will be at fashion week in New York starting Sept 10. Look out for them and wish her luck! I, in fact, did not shoot this. This is Eric's work. He shot this with ease and ordered his assistant around (me) like a true pro. His skills behind the lens are getting ridiculous. This is a sneak peak into his introduction at "Simply Jessie", which will come soon. He is now open for business: head-shots, product, furniture, you name it Here are a few of our favorite shots.











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