On Monday morning, my soul found some quiet or at least less panic. It was very cloudy, and the air was so humid you felt like you were walking in the rain. Now I know for many, this is NOT an ideal morning, but for me it was just right. Warm sticky mornings remind me of home and despite my bad hair day ....calms me. I found myself drinking it in, my wandering was not frantic but pensive and my mind was still. I was stuck by the water lilies, with their vibrant green on the dark water. Because of the cloud cover , the edges of the lily pads were crisp and distinct and dark water was glassy. IMG_8456IMG_8474

With my camera all packed up walking towards my car, I ran into beautiful Dahlias in the parking lot. I didn't even know flowers came in these colors!


Also in the parking lots I found fruit still covered in the wetness of the night's rain. Last week I would have walked right past.


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