We're back!!!. We were away for an entire week to see family and take a deep breath of Pacific Ocean air. Our first stop was in San Francisco. I could not wait ( really, ask Eric I was driving him crazy) to go to the cliffs with barking seals, no tourists, beautiful eucalyptus trees and private nooks to tuck away in and breathe deeply. My brother has lived in SFO for seven years and every time I go to see him, we come here. I felt like Chicago had been smothering me, and could NOT WAIT to be sitting on rock overlooking the Pacific Ocean with my love. We only had a few hours here, but it was everything I was hoping it would be. IMG_6423

Eucalyptus trees

In my many times to the cliffs, I've never found this cave. It was right by the water , and at high tide is actually underwater entirely. The light was crazy amazing.

Self portrait thanks to eric's long arms!


Up on the cliffs overlooking the ocean we tucked into a nook and took these. Isn't it magical?




His smiling eyes.... love love love.


My brother Josh on his roof in San Francisco with the Transamerica Pyramid.


I love this pic of Mom and Josh. The peacemakers.


Lily (josh's girlfriend) and Eric geeking out on Macs. Classic.