Tomorrow morning we are headed off to see my family for a nice long much needed rest. We are headed to the deep south where fried chicken, warm temperatures and old friends abound. I am very much looking forward to talking a long walk in the woods, having coffee with my grandma and having my brother beat me at Boggle. I am planning on getting my nose stuck in a book and reflecting on ALL that this year has been. It has been a crazy important year inthe life of Simply Jessie Photogrpahy, in me as an individual and in "us" and our love. So so so many things have happened, changed, grown, become important and faded to the background. Before we go I thought I would share with you our small but perfect Christmas tree here in Chicago. We love remembering all kinds of different memories as we hang each ornament. And as you can see we love the big tacky Charlie Brown lights. I think its perfect! We did not go crazy with the decorations this year. Just this small simple tree and our beloved carved wood statue of Mary and Joseph. I found this card a few years ago and it goes on display every year.

Merry Christmas to all!!

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