Jill is one of my dearest friends. We have walked through a lot of "life" together... the good, the bad and the ugly. 2009 has been a crazy one for Jill, one of deep sorrow, hardship and unexpected joy. She has walked through the sorrow with trust, beauty and a lot of grace. We have cried alot together in 2009, picked lily of the valley in the early morning and walked along hard paths. I am so very thrilled to be headed into this new season of joy and great celebration! This unexpected joy has been Les. Jill, the night you and Les got engaged was the first time I've seen you smile like that. Ever. You were bubbling over with an overabundance of joy.

Les, thank you for loving Jill as you do. You are kind, crazy intelligent (no really don't play games with him), and perfect for Jill. Welcome to the family!