Meet Eric. He is my love, my business partner and a creative genius. He is why Simply Jessie Photography exists. Why you may ask since it is my name in the title? Because he believes in me. He is a dreamer, a visionary and entrepreneur. I know it's a little weird to talk about our relationship when talking business, but it is with our love story that this business started and why our doors stay open. Eric is our creative director. He has created everything that you see and appreciate visually. He has done all of our branding, font selection, business cards, teasers, outdoor sign, studio layout, color selection, website development , etc etc… see what I mean? Oh, and did I also mention that he is a fantastic photographer? When we shoot a wedding, he is my wing man, firing off lots of candids and keeping us all on our timeline. He is also our studio photographer. He is an experienced product photographer, well versed in headshots and onto his new and upcoming project "Profiles". (its coming soon, but I'll let him do the big unveil)

I know, I know... it leaves you with the question... What in the world do I do?? But that is for another day.

It's true. He's a rockstar.