Saturday was a much needed break from all the gray dreary weather in exchange for loads of bright, cheerful sunshine . I hadn't seen the Nack clan since August when we photographed an extended family portrait, where I met all of the cousins and grandparents, aunts and uncles etc. I love that my job is writing a family's story and over time seeing changes, growth, new words, favorite colors, etc It is such a gift. Of course with kids this age, there was lots of " look this way", giggles, tears, bribes, me jumping up and down, rattling things, singing, high fives.... you get the point. For these two little ones we did individual photos in their own bedrooms, which I just love. It gives them each an individual flavor that adds so much personal touch and depth.

Thank you Nacks for a wonderful morning of fun and for welcoming me into your lovely home! Can't wait till NEXT time!!