Eric and I decided to head to the Garfield Park Conservatory for a day spent together in 70 degree greenhouses filled with ferns, spring flowers and the like. I woke up like a kid on Christmas morning, excited, smiley and all twitchy for the fun to begin.... Eric was sleeping peacefully while I was starting at his face intently willing him to wake and immediately asked ... " Can we get up so we can go?? ". Eric gracefully smiled and said " Yes. Let's go." We had our usual morning coffee, exchanged our cute cards which by the way did not involve big red hearts or over used words, but words of affirmation and celebration of what we have together. My favorite space there is the Fern Room. It has plantings of mosses, ferns and cycads and an indoor lagoon. It was created to evoke what the landscape would have looked like in pre-historic times. They had plants in there over 300 years old. This was my favorite room. I was in heaven....

We then headed off into the Show Room for their Spring Flower show. The greenhouse was FULL of blooming azaleas in bright pinks, fushias, whites and purples along with perfect white camelias and sweet smelling hyacinths. Towering overhead were big Southern Magnolias and a few crabapple trees. Now this room felt like home, sweet home Alabama will soon be full of all of these blooming beauties. ISpring is my favorite time of the year in the south.

Told you I loved them....

We continued on to the Desert House full of cacti and succulents. This is a favorite for Eric. Doesn't this look like a little village?

We even found one that looks like Eric!

We headed back to the Fern Room to soak in the last rays of sunshine and enjoy the 70 degrees!

Where did you go with your Valentine??