Yesterday was Eric's birthday. I pulled off a big surprise. It took scheming, team work and a good poker face. Keeping gifts a secret is ridiculously hard for me. Both Eric and I the moment we wake on any given holiday that includes gifts go bounding out of bed to go fetch the gift we hope the other will like. Eric is a giver. He gives his life to his friends and family. He doesn't say how much he gives or ask for recognition, but trust me, he gives way more than any of us are aware. For the past few years , he has swallowed money from Christmas, birthdays, and holidays for things we have needed. He always did it with a happy heart.... but this year I decided was going to be different. Family and friends came together and showered him with an extravagant gift he's been wanting for over 3 years. I proposed the idea  and had 18 people whole heartedly agree. 18 people!

Mission Accomplished. We gave generously to a man that gives of time, energy and himself to all of us each and every day.

Last night after the surprise was finally out, birthday cake eaten and everyone else had gone home, he told me quietly... " thank you for seeing me, it means alot "

I love you Eric. Happy birthday.