Isn't it Peter Pan who said, "All you need is to think happy thoughts, a little fairy dust, and you can fly!" This terrarium is my happy thought. During these long dreary grey days, I've been fixating my eyes on this glass jar of life. I planted this terrarium around Valentine's Day and it has been a spot of happy green alive joy every single day since.  I parade it around to Eric as he tries to understand and glean the same kind of wonder and delight that I do. Its ok. Its just the way I'm made. It reminds me that Spring in fact going to come, and that I will again be surrounded by life in the form of trees and green blades of grass. Some of these really dark last days of winter I've even closed my eyes and tried to imagine it all away, think my happy thoughts, sprinkle my fairy dust and be transported to Hawaii, or maybe even Never Never Land. Just somewhere , anywhere there is sunshine and warmth. I've imagined sandy beaches, walks in the forest or given up and just wished  hibernation. The winter is hard for me. Anyone that knows me, knows that. It is s apparent and embarrassingly obvious. I am a different person when the sun comes out and the air warms up. Remember this post? I really have tried to remain true to embracing each season, to enjoy the stillness,  the deep rest that winter brings to all living things. To not fight it, but agree that yes I too need winter. I need it to slow down and to think deeply.  But March is hard.  I am straining to live present in the reality of each day, to not wish away my days.  I don't want to miss one day of this one life I have, to embrace  it even if with difficulty.  I too need winter as do you. We need the dark dismal lifeless daysto remind us of how amazing life really is, how connected we are to nature and the world around us, to rest, to be still, and to yearn for more.  More life. More green. More dreams. More Hope. Its renewal.  I just can't wait.

So dear Chicago... help me out here... bring us all that Spring has to offer!  And please bring it fast!