Lidia and Christian are getting married here in Chicago in just a little less than a month! These two are full of laughter and warm incredible energy. It is impossible not to be struck with the love they share. They laughed together with ease as we hopped all around the city. We started off in their future neighborhood and took full advantage of the fun colors and urban landscape that is unmistakably West Loop.

On our way to the lakefront, we popped downtown for a few fun city shots. I just love these. Lidia you're laughter is just contagious!

On our walk to the lakefront there was a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. patch of light, trees and wild violets. I love finding beauty where it's least expected! What I love even more is fabulous people like Lidia and Christian who trust me when I say " oh, we need photos here...." Trust is so key between the couple and the photographer!

Lidia is also an UBER talented Graphic Designer and a fellow small business friend! To check our her fab work, click here or to follow her great work on Twitter, click here .