Here is the beginning of a new series on the blog! We will be highlighting all different kinds of business owners and entrepreneurs. I know I say it all the time, but collaboration and learning from one another is key in personal and professional growth. So soak it up! Meet Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones is nothing short of fabulous. She is funny, and game for anything. She is a professional graphic designer specializing in brand identities and marketing collateral. She also designs textiles and in her spare time writes a blog called How About Orange (and by spare time I mean with 8,000 - 10,000 readers per day!) It is a super fun blog full of craft ideas, tutorials, DIY projects and design inspiration. It is a must read!

Inspiration. Where do you get it?

Books, magazines, the internet, the library. Also from 60's fabrics, Scandinavian furniture, party stores, gig posters, Target commercials, hobby shops, Airstream campers, Japanese stationery, and dumpsters.

What personal passion did your business grow out of?

A love of design. My college degree is in graphic design, and I've worked in the field ever since. I've also always enjoyed making things by hand, whether it was tiny fake food for my cousins' dollhouse as a kid, or pocket folder mock-ups with business card slits for a client.

What do you feel like your readers respond to the most?

Do-it-yourself tutorials for crafty projects, usually. Or recently I posted my mom's recipe for homemade deodorant. That was surprisingly popular, which suggests there must be a lot of stinky people out there looking for help.

More to come!!

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