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With all the information out there... how do you filter it?

Apparently my brain has developed some kind of algorithm for that, and it makes lightning-fast decisions. I can decide in a nanosecond if an article or product interest me, and if it doesn't, I move on.

Best advice for bloggers out there?

Think about who your intended audience is and what would be most interesting to them. Yes, your child is undoubtedly the next Picasso, but if your blog is about technology, you probably should resist the temptation to post that finger painting of a kitty. Edit, edit! ( Sure, I say that now, but just watch. I'll be the one posting that kitty next week. And I don't even have kids.)

Anything else you'd like to share?

Um... um... I can't think of anything. Something brilliant will probably come to me in the shower tomorrow.

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