Here is [ Part Two] on the fabulous Steve Hendershot! In case you missed [ Part One] from yesterday, click here. These photos were taken last year at Schubas during their live show recording of their album, Now that Its Burning. You can follow The Spares on Facebook and Twitter!

How does your writing and music fit together?

The Spares' music revolves around songwriting, so it fits in pretty well with my other writing. In terms of music, I definitely think of myself as a songwriter more than a guitar player or singer. (The last one probably sounds obvious, but there you go.) As a songwriter, I still like to tell stories and am probably more journalistic or narrative in my approach, as opposed to other songwriters whose songs feel more like poems or journal entries. But with songs, I get to make things up and/or write about my own experiences.

Does your freelance/contract writing translate into your music? If so how? Is it a complementary process?

Sometimes. The best example is that when The Spares were mixing our first CD, the engineer was Lou Carlozo, who was also an editor for the Tribune. We got to know each other while working on the album, and then I started writing music articles for him at the Trib.

There's another example that relates to the business-side of music. I do a lot of the public relations stuff for The Spares, and when I'm trying to get other journalists to write about us, I think it helps that I'm also a reporter and have an idea what reporters are looking for.

Anything else you want to tell us about?

Absolutely not. Though I would like to state for the record that I believe you are a photographic genius.

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