I received a call on Wednesday asking if I had time to come out for a secret wedding out at a local Chicago park. I was on board the moment we spoke. She is my kind of gal. They have a wonderful Fall wedding planned but just could not wait any longer. They were ready to be married and Saturday was the day. Eric and I met them at noon. They picked which tree they wanted to be under and our secret wedding began. There were dandelions, beautiful light, trees, a light breeze and a couple so in love that there they stood. Within twenty minutes under the oak tree among their audience of birds, wate, morning walkers and their dog, they are now husband and wife.

I have to mention that there is ZERO posing the entire day. I was only an observer with a camera. This is 100% them, unashamed, no instruction, just two people and the love they share.

They had the day planned including a picnic, reading of old love letters, flower pressing and a local dinner. It was simple. It was crazy beautiful.

I left full of life and joy and a renewed sense of the way love should be. The love between two individuals that involves no one else but them.

Thank you for choosing Eric and I to tell your story. We left more in love with one another and reminded of how incredibly special it is to find the one that makes your heart sing.

And as promised... they shall remain nameless... to continue their secret identity until their Fall celebration. Stay tuned.