I don't know even where to start. Jill is one of my dear ones. We have walked through so many things together. Ridiculous silly laughter and really deep mourning and pain. She is one of my favorites. She is my family. And holy cow she is beautiful. Her wedding was at her family's home in Rockford Illinois. Both of her parents are gone, but the home that they designed, built and raised their family in remains. It was decorated with brightly colored circle garlands, glowing lanterns and all kinds of DIY projects that Jill's mom would love. Their family and friends came through for them. They arrived to help this homemade family affair be all that Jill dreamed it to be. And it was. Any decor, flower arrangement or detail you see.... they are ALL homemade. Every last one. More on that later. Jill's day started with her girls gathered around her in the hotel room, praying, crying, remembering and celebrating beyond any words we could find. Les and Eric started with lots of laughter and anxiousness to see the beautiful bride. Les, you have an amazing woman, and what I love most about you is that you know that. I can see it all over your face.

I did what I don't recommend any photographer to ever do and that is to be both the photographer and bridesmaid!! Aaaack! I just couldn't hand her and Les over to anyone else. It was a gift for both Eric and I to not only be a part of their lives on a daily basis but to capture the day they became husband and wife. Eric shot amazingness all day long and we brought in our good photographer friend Janet from oijoyphoto to help.

It was the most beautiful wedding I've been to in a long long time. The homemade family affair, the dear friends that gave so much , the crazy beautiful details and last but not last... two people that love each other enough to commit their lifetime to one another and to top it off... it was my Jill.

Ok. Have to stop writing even though my heart is full or I"ll be a puddle of goo here at my computer with tissues and puffy eyes to match.

I love this pic of us.

Waiting to see his bride.

Les and Jill much to my delight wanted to see each other before hand. We had a relaxed 45 min. of photos and just letting Les and Jill be together.

Jill walking to a waiting Les.

Jill. You are ridiculously beautiful.

More tomorrow with cornfields, the family home, ceremony and the fabulous reception!