More from Les and Jill's wedding! Missed Part 1? Click here. We finished up their portraits with open land as our backdrop.

The ceremomy took place in a small clearing behind the family home. Jill confided in me that as a little girl running around with a pillow case on her head, this field, this clearing was were she always imagined getting married. It is an intimate clearing surrounded with trees. The decor was simple: white chairs, two beautiful old tree stumps, and a petal aisle. That was it. I mean come on, isn't this breathtaking?

This is Angus... the family dog. He attended the wedding in style!

Les and Jill chose to have their wedding at Jill's family home. Although her parents are no longer here, it was an intimate unspoken way to incorporate them in a big way. The reception was in front of the home next to the cornfields. It was a breathtaking view.

Jill's theme for the entire wedding was circles, bright orange, red and pink. Jill with the help of friends made circle garlands that hung from the trees and were used as table decor as well. Staying eco-friendly was very important to both Les and Jill. To reduce waste Jill found all the white tablecloths and white dishes from thrift stores and friends. The mason and glass jars were collected over time with a total around 75 littering the tables, trees and surroundings. They were filled with local peonies and candles.

The INCREDIBLE cupcakes were baked the day before from one of Jill's dear friends.

As the sun was beginning to set, we went out into her grandfather's cornfield for some of my favorite images of the day.

Think we're happy??

First dance. On the porch. LOVE IT.

When the light faded... the soft candle light was ever so romantic.

So many people that Eric and I love came together to usher our Jill into her newly wedded life. Thank you to each and every one of you. And again, thank you so much Janet from oijoyphotography for helping to keep *some* of our sanity intact and for helping us capture such an amazing day. ( you can thank her for the wonderful detail shots).