I've been thinking alot about playtime. About time in our busy life to laugh at the top of our lungs, be super loud, have picnics, ride bikes... to become like a child. I just think we are all plain too grown up. We all need playtime. Time with no work, no dinner to make, no dishes to do, no brilliant brainstorming. You'll never get it all done. You just won't. It just is the way this life is. It will all be there when you get back. Lately Eric and I have been trying to play more. Last week we put on our walking shoes and strolled down the block not sure where we would end up. We found ourselves at Montrose park on the swing set seeing who could go higher. The laughter and deep joy that bubbled out was almost unexpected. I felt happy. It was so easy. Instantly happy by two simple swings, my love, the setting sun and green grass. We ended our stroll with a ridiculous game of two person tag. I mean who plays two person tag? We do. It was a moment I won't ever forget. We were racing by couples walking calmly hand in hand on the concrete path while Eric and I were zooming in and out creating a ridiculous scene. We didn't care. We were laughing, running... playing. I remember running at top speed and hearing Eric laughing like a kid behind me. It was magical.

We came home. The laundry still there, the emails piled up, our obligations and bills present except we had laughed. Together. Like children.

Go play. Its good for you.

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