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What is the thing you enjoy most about your job?

I think the fact that when I'm doing a wedding, I get to be an integral part of one of the best days of that couple's life...and knowing that I helped them lose all concern about everything except having an incredible time.  It's a really cool feeling.

Who, if anyone, encouraged you to pursue your dream?

Well when I was considering leaving my full-time job, I thought about it a lot, but when I actually said it out loud I was surprised that my husband was on board!  Then I talked it over with my parents and my in-laws and they were all really supportive.  I think if I hadn't gotten such positive feedback from my family it would not have been such an easy decision.

Besides weddings, planning and events... what does your heart ache for?

Well, my degree from college is in vocal performance, so I LOVE singing.  I wouldn't say my heart aches for it, though, because I have lots of outlets for singing:  I sing with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra as well as the Wicker Park Choral Singers (and brides and grooms can hire me to sing at their weddings if they have me as a planner!).

If I had to pick an ache I guess it'd be travel.  I adore travel and wish I had more time to do it!

Anything else you'd love to tell us about??

Hmm...well I guess I'd just encourage all brides and grooms to look into getting a planner or day-of coordinator.  Of course it's my job, but I really believe that having someone acting as a stage manager for the day will be worth your investment and then some.  :)  Oh, and also that Jessie's awesome!

Joan and Maureen from Bon Moment and hosting a Tweet Up downtown Chicago July 15 for Wedding Industry peeps. Eric and I will be there and would love to meet, greet and be merry with you! The location is still TBD, but stay tuned via Simply Jessie Twitter or through Joan's Twitter. You can also find Five Grain Events on Facebook !

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