We come in a pair. Two of us. Always. I thought you might enjoy seeing us in action. Remember the secret wedding? Each artist has their own voice, their own view of the world. With two of us, our unique yet harmonious voices capture more of who you are and the unique love you share. It also affects our own relationship. every. single. time. We walk away from each couple inspired, deepened by their story and journey. Shooting solo for me doesn't' bring the deep joy compared to when we're together. He knows me more than anyone else. He knows what I see, what my strengths are, how I feel that day, my insecurities. I know the things that catch his eye that make his heart sing and what he can do better than I. We produce powerful images when we shoot together.  The stories we experience and write through the lens is then woven into our own love story, richening our lives with new thoughts and new experiences. Capturing YOUR story makes us fall more in love.

Bet you didn't know that!

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