I don't know what happened last Friday afternoon. I don't know if it was the magical afternoon sunlight, the iced coffee beforehand, the amazing summer-ness of it all or what, but this engagment session was crazy beautiful. We walked away with waaaaaaaay too many amazing images. So many, we will have more for you tomorrow. Part Two includes crazy sunlight and blooming wildflowers. Valerie and Aaron are so fun, carefree and obviously in love. They laughed easily and comfortably as we documented the two of them together. I'm not going to lie, they are soon becoming favorites. Just great people, know what I mean?

We started in the Ravenswood corridor.

We then headed out to Montrose Harbor. Hello blue blue water.

One of Val and Aaron's wedding colors is orange. So we went and flew these adorable orange kites in the fading afternoon light. Best part?? Then they gave them to us!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Part Two. I mean it. Wildflowers and these two......