Another treat while we were down south was to reconnect with family and to celebrate my cousin Aimee's engagement. The whole family met Russ and were able to spend the weekend together getting to know the two of them together. It was so apparent how both of them are beyond thrilled to be headed towards marriage. The joy was just bubbling out of the two of them. Their wedding is going to be in Nyack, New York close to Christmas. I can't wait to celebrate with my family and document their love story through the lens. We took this engagement session in the woods of Alabama where our family had gathered to reconnect. It was a hot, humid southern night but the light was amazing. Can I go on my soapbox for a minute and just say how much I love it when couples really trust me? Aimee and Russ were willing to try anything and relax and really enjoy the whole experience as part of the romance. I love it!

Meet Aimee and Russell. Stay tuned for their Christmas New York wedding!