Remember Ariel and Dave? Click here to see their January wedding or here for their fall engagement session. They chose to do a private wedding in January and to throw a big fun BBQ in July! How fun is that?! The party was at Kenilworth Country Club on a perfect summer evening with fabulous food Jon at Big Hatt Gourmet . Family and friends came from all over, Paris, Turkey, and from coast to coast to wish them well and celebrate their new marriage! Ariel chose simple picnic decor and enjoyed all her guests.

WARNING. These two are incredibly cute together and they ooze with new love. Not in the gross lovey dovey way, but in the geniune " I love you just the way you are , who cares about the rest of them" sort of way. They are full of life and laugh more together than any other couple we've photographed. Seriously. I know its cheesy to say but it is an amazing journey for me to watch two individuals become husband and wife only six months ago to now capture through my lens them bursting with life and love. What can I say? It was a good day. A very good day indeed.

Congratulations Dave and Ariel. We are blessed to call you friends! ( I love when that happens)

At the end of the evening, we found this tandem bike.... They are both avid cyclists and had a tandem bike on their wedding invites!

p.s. doesn't her short hair look incredible?