I had forgotten what it was like to go home. About four weeks ago Eric and I drove south to the town I grew up in, went to high school, and eventually met Eric and fell in love. It is home. We came from San Francisco, New York and Chicago to be together. We stayed out in the woods for 3 days, with no iphone buzzing with emails, no tv, no phone calls, just home with my family. No family is perfect, not everyone gets along 100% of the time, but my family holds deep deep love. It is one of my greatest gifts. One evening we all gathered and listened to Grandma talk about her life. All her grandchildren and children sat around her listening.... she told us we could ask her anything, so we did. Silly and serious alike. We all laughed remembering Grandpa, and asked her what he was like before we all knew him. She read us her favorite hymn.

On my birthday I went on a walk with my dad, my brother Josh and love Eric. It is my favorite memory from the weekend. We probably only walked about a half a mile. I looked ahead of me.... the three most important men in my life, all to myself for an hour in the woods. I was trailing behind and had a big stupid grin on my face. Surrounded by green, with the three men I love the most.

We went swimming in the creek every day we were there.

This is my brother Josh another talented photographer himself, with his VERY expensive camera in the creek!! This picture is hilarious to me.

I had forgotten what is was like to go home.