Here is Part Two of Kelly from Fleur, a floral boutique in Logan Square Chicago. If you missed Part One make sure to go check it out! While I was there, Kelly selected, prepped, and put together an amazing bridal bouquet. Her style has an easy going feel with a touch of whimsey and love of vintage detail. I couldn't stop gushing over her bloom selection and final bouquet. ( Kelly, I toned it down a bit while there but made an immediate phone call to my hubby trying to convey what I was bringing home!) Take a look for yourself!

Here is more from Kelly!

Who, if anyone, encouraged you to pursue your dream?
My parents have always been the foundation for allowing me to believe in myself. They've encouraged me in every endeavor I have tried, even if they didn't think it was the best path. They knew the value from the experience that would be gained.
Was there a moment when you knew you were going to begin your own small business? Tell us about it.
Honestly? No! It was never anything planned, and it truly "just happened." The decision was made and a few months later Fleur's doors opened. I was 22 and it was an incredibly scary, exciting and amazing time. I would absolutely do everything differently now, had I known what I was in for! :) The progression of the shop and our weddings/parties is a testament to a lot of heart, hard work, incredible staff, and amazing friends and family. For that I am infinitely thankful.
Besides lovely florals, botanics and your wonderful shop... what does your heart ache for?
I daydream about the bed & breakfast that I hope to one day open. I'd love to own a barn that can be rented for weddings, where the bridal party can stay at the inn. If they'd like, I can arrange the flowers! And it would be even more perfect if this were in Kentucky! And I also love, love, love, vintage china (Edwin Knowles makes my heart swoon!), the beach and sun bathing, my cats and a large bowl of ice cream with blueberries on top!
Anything else you'd like to tell us?
Well first I really want to thank you for taking the time to meet and take some photos! And I would like to thank my family, friends and customers for eight years of continual support and love. It truly is so much fun and dedicated hard work running Fleur! We love showcasing amazing blooms, offering local, hand made jewelry, handmade soaps and letterpress cards and we now feature vintage pottery, vases, tablecloths and other little treats. And if you want to learn a little more about design, you can sign up for classes at for our Flower Academy (paired with Natalie from Hello Darling!).

Because I am a cat lover as well, you have to see the shop kitty.... she roams the shop and hides in the nooks and cranny's... ah.. the life...

Fleur is located on 3149 W. Logan Blvd, Chicago and has a wonderful blog of their own! Click here to check out their portfolio.  You can also find them on Twitter here!

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