Five years ago I was upstairs staring in a mirror preparing to marry my love Eric. We were married at sunset under pecan trees in Alabama. We decided to spend the morning together taking photos. It was a big celebration for all. All of our dearest friends and family had come from near and far to be with us as we became husband and wife. This anniversary has been different than ones in the past. It feels like a very big milestone. We live our lives in an open honest way, and we joke about how we'd like to strike year one off the record. Those who know me well, know that I am a big cheerleader for marriage. It is the only thing in life I have experienced that is guaranteed to get better with hard work and laughter. Other things in life just aren't that way.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into five years ago except that I wanted it. I wanted to be married and live life together. The intent and dedication in the beginning from us both has brought us here. Now we stand two very different people yet way more in love than when we began.

Things about us you may or may not know...

We hold hands a lot. His wedding ring is a tattoo with my initials. He is into good beer, I'm into good red wine. I love all things green. We're very honest. His mind is always creating. I always have nature around me. He designs modern stuff. I get carsick. We take walks often. He proposed with twine and not a diamond. We both love coffee. He has a patent. Our kitties are spoiled. He drove a plaid VW bus when we met. He asked me out. I declined. Persistance wins. He flies kites on our rooftop. Our first apartment was $325 a month. I am happiest when I am outside. We believe in naps. My diet consists of 75% beans. They are just so good! We value people and their dreams. I leave my shoes all over the house. Then can't find them. I loose my keys daily. He finds them.

We are in love and happy to be Mr. and Mrs. Stevens.

Thought you might enjoy some photos from the last 5 years. WARNING: not all are of professional quality!!

Wedding day - All of these photos were film and scanned in. Carson Studios Photography.

Year 1

Year 2 - We came to Chicago!!

Year 3- We lived on Lake Michigan. Night time strolls on the beach.

.Our first office.

Year 4

Photo courtesy of Oijoy Photo

Here's to Year 5 and many more happy years to come. Yay marriage!!