Mason is a gift. He had a bit of a rough beginning, two months premature, a few pregnancy scares and complications yet here he is and doing just fine. I received an email from Kimberly a few days before our session and it really touched me. She shared a bit of their story, how their moments with Mason seem a bit richer because of the difficulty to get him to them. Mason is adorable, with big blue eyes and soft coo-ey expressions. Kimberly, your open hearted email and my time with your family reminded me of how precious my job is and what a grande responsibility I have to capture life. I looked forward to it, enjoyed myself while with you, and smiled as I prepared these images. Thank you for sharing some of your family's story with me. It makes my job matter and reminds me why I do what I do.

Thank you.

By the way... let's talk about their dog..... in love with Mason. Such a nice playmate to have!