I'm not sure where to start with these two except.... I like them. I like who they are, I like how they talk to each other, I like that they chose us to be with them this past Saturday. Eric and I met them bright and early at their home in Pilsen and spend some time on their block. We wandered outside, took some time here and there chatting and enjoying the chilly morning. Elizabeth and Dan are high school sweethearts and have known each other for years. Dan could. not. stop. smiling. It was impossible, which made Elizabeth tear up. See why I like them? They have an easy going kind of love and not to get too sappy on you, but we're excited for them. They have a special kind of love that oozes out in an authentic way.

This is only Part 1. You're going to have to wait till tomorrow for the rest! Congratulations you two!