Today I bring you Gabriel, one of the owners and of Half Acre Brew Company for our next Profile. This blog series is designed to introduce and learn from other fellow business owners and entrepreneurs. Half Acre is right here in Lincoln Square and produces some delish brews! Gabriel is co-owner with Matt and together they opened their doors in 2006. They are at 4257 N. Lincoln Ave with a small storefront to serve all your brew needs. Besides that, Gabriel is a good guy bringing happiness to our glasses on a regular occasion. My personal favorite brew currently is Double Daisy. Check out their website to sign up for their weekly brew tour. You can tour the facilities, sample delicious brews and get to see how it all works. The blog will update you on the newest beers and where Matt and Gabriel are up to. Keep track of them on twitter and facebook as well.

Who are you? What do you do? How long have you been doing this?

I started Half Acre in 2006 and began selling beer in 2007. I was, am still am, a young young guy that wanted to start a brewing company. Craft breweries, in my experience up to that point and still, are places to be excited about your work and have some fun in the meantime


Walk us through one of your typical work days. Your 9a.m.-5p.m.

I don't have a typical work day. My time is split up between brewery work of some kind and "running the company," which can mean virtually anything. Everyone's role at Half Acre are is a continual evolution as the company morphs.

What is the thing you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy the atmosphere the most. We all have a really good time with each other while we work extremely hard. It's a legitimate "whistle while you work," scene............ most of the time

Who, if anyone, encouraged you to pursue your dream?

I'm not sure who pushed me to pursue specifically this, maybe no one. I think my saving grace was being really young, naive and full of piss and vinegar.

Was there a moment when you knew you were going to begin your own small business? Tell us about it.

I was always working for myself in some form. It's always seemed most natural to me.

Besides beer brewing, deliveries, and paperwork... what other hobbies/loves do you have?

At this point my life is pretty well consumed by the brewery, but when not here I try to get outside and away from things as much possible. I love being outdoors, in the water, in the woods, anywhere there's some quiet.

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