Another secret wedding!! Remember the first one? I am so thrilled to be a part of so many people so in love they are running off and getting married!! And another one THIS upcoming weekend! So check back next week for secret wedding #3! I was thrilled to again be a part of such an intimate morning for two people in love. Veronica is so full of life, bubbling over with a full heart and soaking up every moment. I could see her pause, look around enjoying and writing each moment down in memory. I met them on a dreary Chicago morning at gardens near the Art Institute. This was the way they wanted to be married. With only one another, on a Saturday morning just like any other. I think there is so much deep love and pure joy beneath the surface of that decision. Don't get me wrong, not to say a large wedding with amazing detials doesn't celebrate and bring deep deep joy to all involved. But there is something precious and a treasure in just having one another to remember. To remember what your wedding was like, what you looked like, what it felt like. There is something to be said in just not needing the rest and just your love.

After they were married, I heard Veronica say at least three times, " I am so happy. I am so happy. I cannot imagine a better wedding. This is exactly what I wanted"

Congratulations Veronica and Bill. It was such an honor to be with you on this very special Chicago morning.

They were to be married by a judge at 10:45 am. We strolled up Michigan Ave and made our way to the cultural center.

Waiting their turn to go in....

And they are married!!!

When we parted ways, they were on the way to have lunch with Bill's parents to break the good news and then off to dinner with friends for a surprise reception.

Thank you Veronica and Bill for asking me to be a part. I hope you are having an absolute blast in San Francisco!!