Ok so I adore this family shoot. The neutral colors and garden meets city buildings just makes my eyes happy! The trees are perfectly fall and these two boys were just so fun. I met the Falconers in Millenium Park last weekend. Hands down it was the busiest I have ever photographed in that park. The Marathon was the following day, and um... did you know that there is a Chicago Country Music festival? It is true. Tourists, marathon runners, clogging shows, country music fans , amazingly beautiful fall day and The Falconer family and I taking photos. It was quite the mix.

Ben really is the one that made my day. Under that adorable green plaid was his Batman shirt. For our hour together he and I kept yelling " Batman" and striking our best fighter positions to get some smiles and allow Ben to enjoy our time together. Reward??? After we were done, Batman shirt was able to come out in full force.  And in case you are wondering, my fighter position was pretty rad too.