Our Five Year Wedding Anniversary was this past August. Eric and I have traveled together now as Mr. and Mrs. for five years. Seems crazy. Seems crazy that its been that long, crazy that it's not that long at all, and crazy at how much life changes in five years. Many people look at us, and say " Did you get married when you were twelve? " Yes, yes we did. We were young. Very young. But we were ready, that's all I can say. Everyone is ready at different points, ready to love selflessly and commit to another imperfect human. I am grateful. I am grateful for the man I married and the journey we have been on. It has been anything but smooth and planned. More like lived and questioned and another foot in front of the other. Love can be hard folks but the truth is that it is a privilege to love another. We went out to Michigan to celebrate by re-reading our original vows to each other and having some photos taken. We were overwhelmed by our friends generosity and heart towards our celebration. My friend Kelly of Fleur who does amazing flowers put our 5 years together in a bouquet that suited us perfectly. Thistle from the song I walked down the aisle to, cotton from the southern plantation we were wed, and rosemary to remember. Jacyln and Jenn, fellow wedding photographers documented our day beautifully and tromped around the countryside of Michigan with us. Suzy of Lily Red Design made paper treats including our wedding vows, menu for our picnic, and beautiful personal logo for our celebration. We picked out a mossy green patch in the woods, hung twine remembering Eric proposing with string. We stood on our beloved rug, our wedding present from my parents. Thank you all ladies for celebrating with us. If I do say so myself, it all came together beautifully. I can not say thank you enough.

Um. One more thing. MOSQUITOS!! We were all tortured all day by them. I could not leave you without a few outtakes due to mosquitos. Seriously, they were everywhere....

All photos courtesy of Jacyln Simpson Photography and Jennifer Kathryn Photography .