So many thoughts have been swirling in my mind lately on living out my artistry while also being a business owner. What is most important? I've been trying to come to a decision, a hard line on what I think. Instead I've learned that there is no right way, no definite opinion, no line in the sand. Life is a beautiful mess, and an always changing balance that shifts with different seasons of our life.  I've found that in this grey messy area is where all the joy, long walks, hours of talking with those you love and respect is actually where I want to be living! This conclusion is a little disconcerting. No way to move on from these questions. No way to settle it. No way to seem like I've figured it out. I want to shift the way I think and live. I want to always be asking, changing and  be ok with it. Furthermore not only be ok with it but fully embrace it. I've started this blog post many times in my head and then decided that I wasn't ready, that I haven't made enough conclusions for an intelligent post. But that defeats the whole point now doesn't it? It is the life in the in-between. The things I have made conclusions on...

Feeding the artist in you matters. Forgive me wedding professionals but this does not mean only filling your inspiration pinning board with pretty things. It means read and intake challenging images. Stretch your talents. Be uncomfortable often and don't just talk business but talk principal. Talk deeply about your art. Fill the places of your art that don't have words yet.


The day to day is important and your business should work for you.  Don't let your business run you. Don't compare your business to others. Be efficient, do the paperwork, research and hire people to help you create a business that fits you.

The rest, the in-between these two realties is where the mess lies and where I also think where the truest joy is found.

Thank you to a few people that knowing or unknowing in our conversations I've been working this out. Thank you Sarah, Kelly and the biggest thank you to Eric.  He makes living this way look easy and sorry I make it so difficult sometimes. Thank you for challenging me.