I cannot believe Leif is already almost twelve weeks. His birth story is a long, scary one that is too personal for me to want to share here. What I can share is that through the long hours of waiting to bring him into the world, it changed my whole self. I see pain differently, beauty has been redefined and I have a deep respect for the privilege to have a healthy baby born into this world.  

We planned a no intervention, peaceful arrival for Leif, but another path had to be walked.  We unexpectedly ended up in the hospital for five days. There is definitely a part of me that wishes it had been different but there was only one path to get him here. I'd walk it all over again to meet Leif and have him in our lives. I love him all the more for it and thank my God for the gift of our son. I love Eric more and we have a new appreciation for health and togetherness. I realize as I write this, this all sounds quite dramatic and really we are all ok.  I still have a lot to process about his birth but these last  weeks have been so full of joy over our God given gift.  And really, he's perfection.

All photographs below by the wonderful Abi Q Photography. She came when Leif was 3 days old. I will cherish these photos for many years to come.

Meet Leif Leonard Stevens.