my wonderful hubby I mean can you blame me for falling crazy in love with this guy?!!!

This is the man I fell in love with in 2002. I mean can we talk about this? Those curls, the mischievous grin, geez, I didn't even have a chance. We were in college and crazy in love.

Many of you have heard crazy Eric stories about his Volkswagen bus, well here he is! (the bus's name is Stanley for all that think this is important. ) This picture was taken one weekend when we were in Huntsville Alabama visiting his folks and sister Dawn. Eric and his Dad did alot of work to this good ole van. I believe the story goes that when Eric got it there was a huge hole in the side of the van??? Could that possibly be true?

He was the love of my life then , and is even more so today. Pretty cliche but I mean it!!! Marriage really is incredible that way, just keeps getting better and better. Eric is an incredible man and sorry ladies, but he's all mine!!

P.S. Our kiddos are going to have some fro's! Combine his curls and mine and we are definitely going to need some detangler.