Nathan and Stephanie are two very special people , both individually and apart. Their wedding was about one another, and about being true to themselves. These pictures are filled with two people that are ridiculously in love ( its soooooo obvious ) and enjoying every minute of one another's company. We laughed ALL day long. Stephanie is like sunshine everywhere she goes... The ceremony was at Irvine Park in St. Paul Minnesota. The grass was strewn with quilts and chairs for all to see them become one. It was simple, it was beautiful, it was them. These two are special to one another and to so many others. Thank you, thank you for allowing Eric and I to be such a big part of your very special day and for trusting us with capturing what the two of you have together. I'm not going to lie.. as I sat here editing.... I got teary when I was organizing this post just because of how you two look at one another. I thought several times last Saturday that THIS is why I love my job, THIS is how it SHOULD be. We started off the day at the Stone Arch Bridge that connects St. Paul to Minneapolis. Nate walked from St. Paul... Stephanie from Minneapolis...

IMG_8790IMG_9346 IMG_9329 - Version 2IMG_8837


We escaped the harsh sunlight by ducking under the bridge...



Off to the Sculpture Gardens in Minneapolis... These are my favorites from the day. Incredible. These are the ones that make me choke up.

IMG_9090 2IMG_9073IMG_9184 2IMG_9220 2IMG_9227 2

Irvine Park, St. Paul, Minnesota.

IMG_9315 3IMG_9353 3IMG_9459 2Since Nathan and Stephanie are both artists, their guest book were three canvases everyone painted on as they arrived.

IMG_9897 2IMG_9155IMG_9248 2IMG_9849 2IMG_9788 2

The new Mr. and Mrs.....

IMG_0062 2

Last but not least....(thanks to Eric's long arm)

IMG_9352 2