As the summer light seems to be fading, and I watch the remaining flowers finish with their cheery presence I always find myself contemplative. I think about seasons of life. I think about the quiet hush Fall seems to bring to my soul with the brisk morning air and crunchy leaves under my boots. Yes, I do wish for more warm summer nights of carefree drinks and tank tops, but I am also excited for pumpkin bread, cozy blankets and the time with the ones I love. I am ready for the long rest that winter forces upon us all. Summers here in Chicago are glorious... breathtaking really.... full of walking , biking, festivals galore, but I am thankful for this new quiet, for the chill in the air. I appreciate the change, what new seasons bring for us, both in weather and of the heart. We need seasons. We need seasons of joy, of busyness, of quiet , and of peace.

So take it from this Southern raised girl, embrace the new season and for what lies beyond. Take life as it comes and don't wish for what is not right in front of your face. Drink in the change, the new colors, and the newness of what each season brings.