I've been thinking a lot about how creativity is born. In any creative profession, there is a delicate balance between business and art. They can compliment each other and also wage war. There is a moment that you decide to risk the art you love the most for the hope to do it every day, where you put it all in, and risk losing what you love the most in pursuit of a career that you truly love and believe in. You go from beloved hobby to a creative professional making a living. It's exhilarating, powerful and terrifying. You risk it all. I've had many conversations with photographers about this delicate balance. To succeed you must pull back on the business end to allow creative space for yourself. It is so important to feed the creative in you and no one can tell you how that happens. It is different for each artist. For some it is being alone in the quiet to find rejuvenation and new flow of creativity. For others its being among the hustle and bustle of others, watching and feeding on the energy of others. For some its books, traveling,the outdoors, music, dinner with friends or reading the newspaper.

As I continue on this journey I realize how so very important it is to feed my creativity. I am learning how to give my self the space to grow, to change, to fail, to be inspired. If not, my business will fail and fade into the background as one of many. Without allowing and feeding my passion I will tire and become mediocre. I will stop pushing to be the best, to reach higher , to risk more for what I believe in, for my calling. So put down the bank statements, the emails that don't seem to have an end, the bills, the marketing, the phone calls and go read an inspiring book, see the others around you and to let your passion recharge. Photographers, this is what your business is built on, and it is important!!

On that note, I'm going to take a walk. I mean come on, its 75 degrees in Chicago on April 1!!

Our studio. We have work space with computers and paperwork out of ears, along with a sofa to sit , read, and chat it up with our clients.