Brit and Joshua are brand new to Chicago. They pulled their moving truck up to their new home only four weeks ago. Much to our delight they chose to settle into our lovely community of Lincoln Square. They are celebrating three years of married life together. They have been on quite a journey already and you can tell are excited to see what Chicago holds for them. ( as am I) They have such a charming little place and as Brit was talking of their move, the hope it brings, the fresh beginnings for big new things, I knew that was the place for their shoot. Not big skylines and city presence but their own escape together  and intimate home. They selected their new home blindly from across the country, praying and hoping it would be for them. Brit and Joshua were pleasantly surprised to find it fit them just right. It has a darling little kitchen that I knew was going to be fun to take a few pics in. So here's to Joshua and Brit, welcome to Chicago and to a love that allows you to walk hand and hand into new adventures.

We slipped right out their back door. I love love the color and light.

Brit and Joshua live in a classic Chicago courtyard building. The evening light was dreamy...

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