Even as I write the title of this post today, I almost feel the opposite, I have no words. I am overcome with hope, with deliverance, redemption, sadness, loneliness, and joy, deep joy. My days here lately have been full of pain for my dearest friends, tasting the nastiness of this life, hard core. I am so deeply impressed with my friends, I have never watched with my own two eyes, people love like this and surround those they love. This is family if I've ever seen it. People who mourn together, give up their time, their last drop of energy to be with the ones they love that hurt. There is only one source of love like this, and its not human. I feel hopeful today, confident of things to come, that there is more to life than work, money, status..... but is people, its us, its friendships, lovers, sisters, daughters, fathers, co-workers, neighbors. Its our time together here amist all this mess, our imperfections, our laughter and tears, and hope and despair. I'm so glad we are doing this together. Thank you friends for being such a obvious example of whom you serve. I am privileged by your love, and full of hope for the days to come, and am so grateful for all the days we have together here.