What can I say about Jeremy?? Jeremy has known Eric and I for 8 years now. There is nothing like friends that know you well. Jeremy came up and spent the weekend with us and we got to meet his lovely fiance Amy. They are full of laughter and a ridiculous amount of in-love ness. ( yes i just made that word up) We had a great weekend hanging out and getting to know them as a couple. We couldn't be happier for you two. I love how you two talk to each other with love and respect and relax when the other is around. And you know what else I love? That green coat with Amy's pretty red hair....

We stopped off for a few in Ravenswood corridor and found this new gem of a spot!

Finished up at Montrose Harbor.

Ended with a stormy skyline. Love these.

Thank you guys for trusting us with documenting you two, and for an amazing weekend.